Show open applications menu removed for S^3

[update] Eikcoctl mod for S^3

-[New] Remove "Help" menu item from system applications
- include remove "Open applications"
- include remove "Text copied to clipboard" note

Not compatible with Anna or Belle

If you already have my old eikcoctl mod:
- unpack archive and copy folders to phone
- reboot
- after reboot move e:\sys\bin\eikcoctl.dll to c:\sys\bin\eikcoctl.dll
- delete c:\sys\hash\eikcoctl.dll
- reboot
- delete e:\sys\bin\eikcoctl.dll
- Enjoy!

If you first install my eikcoctl mod:
- copy eikcoctl.dll from e folder from archive to c:\sys\bin\eikcoctl.dll
- reboot
- Enjoy!

Item is removed is not everywhere. So it should be.

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